Future Play

EON supports initiatives that promote a culture of play in organizations and society.

Play is a powerful evolutionary survival and success factor. It helps us adapt to change and can be harnessed to create powerful futures that inspire. Play is hopeful. When we are in a state of play we navigate the unknown with ease.

Yet, there are still taboos around the use of play in our organisations and uncertainty in how to encourage and utilise it well. EON is committed to fostering greater play and in so doing promote powerful possibilities for the future of people and planet.

Innovation, Problem Solving and Thriving Workplaces.

PlayLabs offer online and face to face immersive experiences using applied research into play with adults.  Gain new perspectives to navigate the future with more ease and a smile. Specially designed and choreographed play spaces, environments and experiences backed up by research from play science.

Future Play the BOOK

A pocket book of Play

The intention is to playfully co-create a multi-media book on play – in particular to creating happy and hopeful futures. Articles, activities, videos and commentary on play applied to serious issues such as climate change, economic frameworks, science and technology.

We seek contributions from researchers, practitioners, anyone who has insight into the application of play principles to creating good futures. We will curate the content into a digital digest for mobile and web, plus a physical book, possibly a series and more!

In what ways can the principles of play be harnessed to create powerful and inspiring futures?

Email us if you would like to share an article, playful activity, a two minute video on the topic of play; or be involved in the curation process.


Play Symposia

Play the Future

Events to share and learn about harnessing the power of play to create good futures for people, planet and prosperity. Open conference festival style. Podcasts, interviews, forums, video and more.

We are taking expressions of interest from presenters. Details of the Fourth EON Symposium to be announced shortly. Hosted by PlayLabs.