EON Foundation was founded in 1998. It is a registered charitable entity in New Zealand.

From humble beginnings in a caravan above a beach on Waiheke Island (named the Plaza), EON has continued to evolve its vision and mission to promote learning and our shared humanity.

EON History

Historic website of past projects can be viewed here www.e-o-n.org


  • The World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 26 August to 4 September 2002. It was convened to discuss sustainable development by the United Nations. EON was invited to participate and Project International students gave presentations.
  • Action Research – Auckland University of Technology, Kodak NZ, Nokia, Swatch and Kathmandu outdoor clothing supported EON Foundation research into the use of Wiki and open source technology to extend photoreportage methodology. The aim was to develop an affordable and effective digital channel for community based visual literacy.
  • Anuwath High School, Cambodia – EON  provided training and internet access to Anuwath High School, National Institute of Education, Phnom Penh, Cambodia to become an education leader in promoting sustainable development through the innovative use of technology and English for international communication.
  • A Regional Approach to Tourism – EON in Association with the Mekong Institute, University of Khon Kaen and the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute held a number of workshops led by John Eyles for senior officials from the Greater Mekong Subregion.
  • EON Education Symposiums – The theme of the first symposium held by EON and funded by FLLin NZ in 2006 was to look at how digital media can be used to enhance the delivery of the core competencies as set out by the OECD Ministers of education and due for integration into national curriculums. Participants came from UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Further symposiums have looked at the Future of Learning in a Networked world and Mobile Learning, bringing thousands of educators together from around the world in online workshops and webinars
  • Effective use of Open Source Learning Management Systems  – John Eyles led an 8 day EON workshop and seminar series at Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand on using Moodle and social software tools for English language learning. Funded by Thai Education Ministry.
  • Research into Solidarity Economies – CSRSME Asia, through the generous funding from the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation, conducted a review of innovative ‘solidarity economies’ initiatives in five Asian countries. Graham Harper, of EON, conducted the review in Thailand by focusing on community-based tourism initiatives assisting entrepreneur skills development, economic independence and poverty alleviation.
  • The Future of Learning in a Networked World Symposium, Thailand – EON was a primary sponsor.
  • Linking Hands Across the World – EON ran workshops with a focus on Podcasting, digital story telling and multicultural project based learning using mobile and networked channels.
  • The Virtual Paa – EON supported Michelle Lee and Poutini Productions in creating the Virtual Paa project, linking Maori diaspora through digital story telling and social networks.
  • YMedia – EON New Zealand supported the Ymedia Challenge – linking young media designers with charitable organisations needing media savvy creatives.
  • BarCamp – EON was a sponsor of BarCamp in Auckland organised by Ludwig Wendzich: “BarCamp allows creatives, technologists, scientists, programmers, and bloggers the chance to gather together and share new ideas. It’s about passion, creating community, and exploring new social media.”
  • Looksy – EON supported Looksy with prize sponsorship, mentoring and spreading the word. A Looksy is a user generated video which answers one simple question. What does your world look like? 
  • Life Game Project –  The Life Game Project came under the umbrella of EON Foundation New Zealand in 2010. The aim was to use digital gaming for good and a tool for learning.
  • Seung River Adventure – EON supported a community project in Laos. This included the construction of a 100 metre suspension bridge by students from around the world. The goal was to enable the Suang River Communities to become self reliant through sustainable community based eco-tourism and gain fluency and empowerment in the use of Information Communications Technologies (ICT). 
  • Parahita Community – EON became involved in fund and awareness raising activities for a community in Myanmar whose inhabitants were impacted by the effects of leprosy.
  • Waiata online – EON created an online resource funded by FLLinNZ to help people to learn how and when to use Maori waiata.http://www.e-o-n.org/waiata/
  • Anti-Human trafficking workshops – EON In collaboration with the UNDP ran workshops in Yangon, Myanmar on how mobile phone technologies could be used as tools to both educate and rescue those vulnerable to human trafficking in Asia.
  • Walk off War – supporting an initiative that supports those with PTSD to use nature and walking as a therapeutic tool.

Historic website of past projects can be viewed here www.e-o-n.org