EON Foundation is a visionary organization with pragmatic objectives – to grow the capacity and speed of human beings to learn together, for the highest good of all – and to benefit our planet for generations to come.

Founded in 1998, EON Foundation is a registered charity in New Zealand with increasing numbers of supporters from around the world who share a common philosophy, commitment and intent.

In an increasingly complex world, we strive for elegant and creative solutions to connect people and communities. We understand that good communication and a culture of play enhance collaboration and the creation of workable solutions to pressing issues facing us and our planet.

Pocket Book of Play

EON is on a quest to better understand how play can be applied to serious topics such as police reform, climate change, technology, healthcare, and the world economy.

We invite researchers, authors, thought-leaders and practitioners – anyone with insight into the application of play principles to help envision and create our collective Future.

This curated content will be made available as a digital digest and physical book, and potentially an ongoing web or television series.

If you would like to contribute an article, a playful activity, a two minute video on the topic of play, or be involved in other ways, please email us at:

PlayLabs is a global initiative from EON to ‘Discover, Explore and Express the Superhuman Powers of Play’ as they apply to our personal, professional and collective lives on planet Earth. 

The power of Play has been proven to spark invention, fuel creativity, increase productivity and support vital wellbeing. 

PlayLabs are hosted by a curiously compelled collective of artists, authors, anthropologists, futurists, researchers, educators, innovators, luminaries and executive trainers with decades of experience supporting companies, brands, governments and NGOs.

We believe that Play can unlock our highest potential to imagine, create and navigate prosperous futures for people and the planet.

EON Foundation is a supporter of the Ahi Kora Summit, June 6th and 7th.